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Weak Hindquarters and Bad Movement

Hounds hindquarters should be strong with good muscle, hounds are supposed to work and the power comes from the hindquarters, strong hindquarters gives the propulsion to go forwards.

Sloping toplines are incorrect, the topline should be level and rise slightly over the loin, if the topline is sloping this could mean that there is incorrect structure of the hindquarters, meaning the hindquarters are not as strong as they should be, if the structure is incorrect then the muscle will be incorrect, the dog will not use its muscle correctly leading to more weakness as the muscle tissue deteriorates.    

Bad movement from the rear could be linked with hip dysplasia without x-raying you will not know. Bad movement can be a shortness in step, muscle atrophy, bunny hopping, body roll and any other abnormal gait, any abnormalities should be checked out with a veterinarian. 

In some hounds there is a lack of angulation, straight shoulders and hindquarters lead to a restriction in movement, a straight shoulder restricts the the forward movement of the leg, hence the dog will take shorter steps, hounds cannot move properly like this and would soon tire out in the field, hounds should cover a lot of ground standing and moving, with an easy, free, elastic movement.

A hound should be capable of doing a days hunting,